Farmhouse Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

I was super excited about reviewing this toilet paper holder because I've been looking for one of these for our spare bedroom for awhile. Unfortunately, upon installing this holder and "trying" to use it, I quickly found that this holder just doesn't cut it. 

Here are my thoughts:

It's a nice size and it was easy to install with the 2 hangers on the back. However, it didn't come with any hardware (it was supposed to), so I had to find my own hardware to use

It looks like fake wood - for lack of a better description. It doesn't look rustic or farmhouse, just like faux wood. Not in the least attractive, modern or rustic

It only holds small or regular size rolls of toilet paper, so you can forget using anything oversized

When rolling the toilet paper off, the hanger continuously pops out and will not stay in the notches where it sits. This was a huge issue because regardless of how softly I would try to roll it, it jerked out. Terrible design 

If it had worked correctly, the shelf on the top is a good size and would have been enough room for a cell phone and maybe a pair of glasses.

The edges of the wood are not sanded well and I actually received a splinter when trying to install it. This is a very simple thing that could be remedied if any time was taken to make this a nice looking product.

    Honestly, there is nothing really redeeming about this holder and I will be donating it. I have no use for a product that does absolutely ZERO that it is supposed to do.

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