Funny Planner 2023 F*ck It: Swearing Calendar With Motivational Quotes

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  • The F*ck It 2023 Planner was made for you! It's beautiful, funny as hell and filled with badass positivity.

    If you love sarcastic humor and sweary affirmations, you’ll love starting your day with quotes like:
    • Let your dreams be your f*cking wings
    • Giving a f*ck doesn't really go with your outfit
    • Inhale the good sh*t. Exhale the bullsh*t
    • Don’t worry what *ssholes think… Thinking is not one of their strengths
    • Keep your head high and your middle finger higher
    • And many more! By popular demand, this planner now has over 90 sarcastic and motivational sayings

    The F*ck It planner is more than funny. It will also keep you organized AF.
    Inside, you'll discover everything you need to get more sh*t done with less stress:

    Beautiful Professional Cover Design - You'll love using this gorgeous planner with purple and pink flowers on a deep blue background, with gold foil style script printed on a rich matte finish.
    Attractive, Spacious Format – Clear 8 x 10” page layouts make it easy to write down all your tasks, appointments schedule, notes, and more so you can be productive as hell.
    Convenient Calendar Features – Includes 2023-2024 year at-a-glance calendars, dated monthly calendar grids, major holidays (US, UK, CA), and weekly and daily planning pages so you never miss important sh*t.
    Goal Setting and Gratitude – What goals will you crush with our awesomeness? What are you f*cking grateful for? Writing that sh*t down is a sure-fire way to boost your success and happiness!
    Insults & Comebacks – You don't have time for *ssholes! With this hilarious cheat sheet, you can put them in their place and keep going.

    You deserve a 2023 that’s as f*cking amazing as you are. This planner was made to help you laugh and crush your goals.