Honey Dipper Sticks - 6 Inch / Honeycomb Stirrers (Pack of 3)

Honey Dipper Sticks - 6 Inch / Honeycomb Stirrers (Pack of 3)

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Honey Dipper Sticks - 6 Inch  / Honeycomb Stirrers (Pack of 3)

🐝 Deep Grooves Dip, Drizzle and Drip: Our honey dipper stick is crafted with deeper grooves. Swirl it around and then twirl between your fingers as you let the perfect amount slowly drizzle over biscuits, muffins, bread and tea

🐝 Wooden Workmanship: The honey comb wand is crafted from high quality wood that is all natural and eco friendly. Our large honey stirrers are sturdy, resistant moisture damage and do not impart flavor that degrades taste

🐝 Easier to Use with Longer Reach: Extended length of honeycomb stick makes it easy to reach. Unlike shorter ones, you won't get your fingers sticky trying to extract honey from the bottom of large jars

🐝 Extra Long 6.00 Inch Sticks: Enjoy the delicious taste of your favorite honey with these extra long 6 inch Sticks.

🐝 Easy to Clean and Reusable: Wash the honey stick dipper under warm water immediately before and after use. Use with thick and viscous honey, syrups, jams, molasses and melted chocolate