Nail Dip Powder Set (9 pieces)

Nail Dip Powder Set (9 pieces)

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Nail Dip Powder Set (9 pieces)

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  • Each kit includes everything in the picture.

  • No nail lamp needed to cure polish

  • Can be used on natural and false nails

Step 1. Prepare your nail.
Step 2. Apply one layer Bond, wait it dry.
Step 3. Apply a thin coat of dip base.
Step 4. Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish.
Step 5. Brush off excess powder.
Step 6. Apply dip ACTIVATOR,wait until dry.
Step 7. Shape nails and buff nail surface.
Step 8. Apply top Top in 2-3 quick brush strokes,wait it dry.

4 week delivery (estimate - please see FAQs for shipping/delivery info)

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